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Step 1:  Register at the Business Council

You can call the business council at 419-725-6160. Your first year's membership fee is waived.  To continue your membership after your trial period is only $25 annually.

Upon completion of our membership and profile form you will receive a FREE Employment Law Poster.

Step 2:  Grow Ohio Enrollment

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation approved a new program called Grow Ohio, which allows new employers to immediately gain access to a workers’ compensation group rating program and save 53% off the BWC premiums.  You have only 30 days to make this selection, so please do not put this off.

Please verify that you are still within your 30-day enrollment window and to enroll in the program.  If you have any questions, please contact Matt Ulrich at 419-724-2667.

 Enroll in Grow Ohio Now

Step 3:  MCO Selection

As a new Ohio employer, you can choose the Managed Care Organization (MCO) of your choice or the BWC will assign one for you.  The Business Council recommends Health Management Solutions. They are the only statewide certified MCO with an office in Northwest Ohio.

If you are within your 30-day enrollment period, you may select an MCO.  If you are, please keep your MCO dollars in Northwest Ohio. If you have any questions please contact Craig Hansen at 419-450-5408.

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